The Trinity

V1 | V2 | V3

Vinisce – Trogir - Dalmatia – Croatia

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Trinity V1

1313m² Property

2 Master Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

From: €1.890.000,-


Trinity V2

1277m² Property

2 Master Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

From: €1.990.000,-


Trinity V3

1094m² Property

2 Master Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

From: €1.790.000,-

Our Promise


State-of-the-art smart home standards, control your home from wherever you want! High-quality construction as well as technical refinements and detailed workmanship.


Stunning design. Exterior & Interior designed by Croatia's most famous and awarded architect Ante Vrban.


Energy efficiency and sustainability. Highest standards in heating and cooling technology, as well as solar energy & Thermal insulation.


45 minutes drive to Split.
30 minutes drive to Split Airport.
30 minutes drive to Trogir Old Town.
15 minutes drive to Marina Marina.

Construction progress

Construction site
Mai 2022
Our View
After years of planning and development and careful site selection, we will soon begin the construction phase in September 2023.
Mai 2022
September 2023
Beginning of the construction phase
September 2023
Construction site
Oktober 2023
Deforestation on the property
Oktober 2023
Construction site
Oktober 2023
Leveling the construction site
Oktober 2023
Construction site
Oktober 2023
Pool excavation
Excavated material is crushed on site for further use
Oktober 2023
Fertigstellung östliche Grundstücksmauer
First completions
Completion of the eastern wall
Concreting and insulation of the pool's technical room
Concreting and insulation of the pool foundation
Betonierarbeiten der Mauer und Pool abgeschlossen
Completion of the concreting work
Completion of the concrete work on the pool & technical room Concreting the northern property wall
Continuation of concrete work
Subgrade concrete
Foundation strips
Reinforcement for the foundation strips
Betonierung der Fundamentstreifen
Concreting the foundation strips
Fertigstellung der Wände im Erdgeschoss
Completion & Furter Preparations
Completion of the walls on the ground floor. Preparations for concreting the first ceiling.
Completion of formwork
Reinforcement work
Concreting the Ceiling Part 1
Construction of the first floor
Completion of the shell construction work on building V3

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